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Clinical research trials are medical research studies designed to answer specific questions about the safety and/or effectiveness of investigational drugs or vaccines. They may also look at new ways of using existing treatments. Carefully conducted clinical trials are the fastest and safest way to help find treatments to work.


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Heart specialists at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have found that a simple and inexpensive


Welcome to the New York Heart Research Foundation

The New York Heart Research Foundation (NYHRF) was established in 2002. We are dedicated to participation in clinical research that will provide patients with the latest in diagnostic and treatment options.The Foundation is also dedicated to the improvement of clinical practice and promotion of scientific inquiry, communication and advancement of education for the benefit of health care professionals and the public at large.

Our facility offers state of the art diagnostic testing , including nuclear and chemical testing, Doppler echocardiography, stress echo, TEE, CT Calcium Scoring, CT angiography of the Coronary Arteries, Diagnostic CT and Diagnostic Sleep Studies . Our physicians are Board Certified In Cardiovascular Disease, Nuclear, and Interventional Cardiology and we are affiliates with the finest hospitals in Long Island and Manhattan. Our physicians have participated in many drug company clinical trials and have been successful in recruiting and enrolling patients, as well as implementing study designs and completion of protocol and patient records.

Mission Statements

NY Heart Research Foundation exists for the following purposes :

To expand the sphere of broad base knowledge regarding the latest diagnostic and treatment options available for cardiovascular disease to include those areas of the general population that would not normally have access to such options.

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