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The New York Heart Research Foundation offers symposims periodically throughout the year. These symposiums intend to advance education in the continuously expanding field of cardiovascular disease. At each symposium there are several notable cardiologists and specialists discussing various issues in the framework of cardiovascular disease. CME credits are available for those attending the symposium.

New York Heart Research Foundation Symposiums 








10/22/06 Current Techniques for
Cardiac Imaging using Ultrafast CTT
Sheraton Hotel And Towers Paolo Raggi-CT
Daniel Berman
1/28/07 Latest tx of Heart Failure and
Cardiac Arrhythmias
Grand Hyatt Hotel Stuart Katz
Richard Wu
6/3/07 Latest Treatment of Cardiac
Disease and OSA in Adults
and Pediatrics
Grand Hyatt Hotel Donna Better
Raoif S. Amin
David Rapoport
10/28/07 Advances in Diagnosis & Treatment
of Coronary Artery Disease-2007
Intercontinental-The Barclay Paolo Raggi
William Suddath
Richard Steingart
6/1/08 Latest Treatments of Heart Failure, Cardiac Arrhythmias and Surgical Advances of Mitral Valve Repair Intercontinental-The Barclay S. Shayani
Uericho Jorde
Yoshi Fumi Naka
Richard Smith David Adams George Juang
10/25/08 Sleep Disorders Impact on Cardiovascular and Metabolic
Garden City Hotel Steven Shayani
Brian Margolis
Rochelle Zozula
Joyce Wasleben
David Rapoport
James Gangwisch
Divya Gupta
10/24/10 Advances in Diagnosis and
Treatment of Cardiovascular
Intercontinental, New York Barclay Hotel Steven Shayani
Steven Zeldis
Samin Sharma
David Adams
Vivek Reddy
Avi Fischer
Robert Pyo
Fulvia Milite
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